In the gaming world, talking in all caps means war. Many times, I have used my EBB (electronic billboard-Tantra Ph) with words in all caps just to make my point known all over Mandara, Jina and all the other towns of Tantra. It gives a person that satisfaction that if you “speak” in all caps, they would know you are really seething.

Akala mo naman eh makakapatay ang allcaps.

Weird, but sometimes, the intensity of the emotions involved in cheating opponents, stuck up partymates, and ignorant ashram members would make one tap away on the keyboard in all caps, wishing it were making an effect to the other person.

However, of course, that phase of being an addict to online games has passed (or has it? lol). The online world has changed for the past 20 years as well. Instead of just playing online, we now conduct classes online as well. However, we still seem to be at loss on the proper use of the all caps.

So, in the online metaworld, when do we use the allcaps?

  • When we want to emphasize a word, a phrase, a term, or a whole sentence. We do not just encode in all caps just because we want to. It depicts a feeling of authority and superiority. MOM took the car. Mom TOOK the car. Mom took the CAR. 
  • We need to catch someone’s attention. Maybe you are in a group chat, and someone is not paying attention and/or ignoring you, yeah, you have to make a statement-in all caps. HELLLLOOOOO???
  • If the combination of letters is confusing or might be ambiguous. Like myself, my nickname is EL. I usually type it in allcaps because it has been in more than one occasion that I have been called E-I. Or my online game, EILMOREL. I would rather type it in uppercase to avoid confusion. Or maybe an email address with confusing letters such as the small L and a big I. So, type it in all caps and just mention that it should be in the lowercase.
  • As a title. Of course, the most common use of the uppercase is for a work’s title.
  • When we are ecstatic. Yes! It is ok to use allcaps if the context of your message is pure ecstasy. How many time have we sent a message in all caps saying how happy we are? OMG! OMG! OMG! I PASSED THE BOARD EXAM!
  • WHEN WE ARE ANGRY. Or at least emotional. Instead of throwing the phone to the wall, we type in all caps. That is where we pour our emotions. WHY ARE YOU BEING SO STUBBORN ON THIS???

So the next time you post something in uppercase, think twice on how the recipient will interpret (or misinterpret-haha) your message. Unless you are of course, in any of the above-mentioned scenarios.

Look at how these words seem different when in the uppercase:

no. NO.

yes. YES.

okay. OKAY.

what? WHAT?

thanks. THANKS.



Mother to Hundreds Can’t be a Mom-to-the-Rescue

For years, my job as a teacher has given me the chance to be a guiding second parent to my students. However, for that span of time, I have also yearned to ask for a chance to be a mom to my sons (and soon, to my daughter when she starts schooling).


Envious of the parents who have time to bring their children to school, to attend PTA meetings, to be a PTA and GPTA officer, to speak up for my children, to demand why a teacher doesn’t do her job, to support the school during activities as a parent… these are some events I really, really want to do.


However, being a teacher limits me and my powers as a parent. First of all, I always try to put myself in the shoes of the teachers. Even if it is as plain as daylight and sunlight that a teacher doesn’t teach my son anything, I keep mum. This I have to do as a sign of respect to my fellow teacher. Where is justice in being questioned on a simple typographical error when I myself could not report a teacher who regularly comes late to class and spends more than half of the time lamenting on irrelevant matters?


Being a teacher and a mother is difficult. But that is an understatement. Lately, I have been warning my students on the danger of a possible “volcanic eruption” since I have been adjusting my class requirements and deadlines so the students will feel less stressed, even for a tenth of an inch.


But being a human being, it is only of my nature to come to a point where I get to break down. How come that I get to adjust for my students’ comfort and yet a fellow teacher would let him check their long exam during exam week?


Lately I have been asking myself and my fellows how the integrity, character, personality and the whole being of teachers have changed. It seems to be that teachers who selflessly work extra hours for the students’ learning are part of an endangered species. More and more teachers get to work sleepless nights only because they need to comply to reports, researches and numerous tasks that do not really teach students at all, just making the learners guinea pigs for their research proposals and innovations.


Now, going back to being a mom. I just cannot be one when it comes to schoolwork. Even my son cannot just be himself. He knows that teachers expect more from him. When my son tells me of the dilemmas he face at school, I just teach him tricks to adjust, react, or answer. Unlike non-teaching parents, I cannot go straight to the Principal’s Office to demand why my son is experiencing such difficulties. When his body bogs down due to fatigue, I cannot go to school to demand why teachers give all of their requirements at the same time. I can’t. But deep down, I want to be one.


I also want my son to feel that I can fight for him. But I can’t. Because I am a teacher. In my profession, becoming a teacher surpasses motherhood. Tonight I broke down, felt that I am hopeless to standing up for my son. But this is the choice I took, 16 years back when at 20 years old, I thought I could change the world.


But I guess, I need to just change my students’ lives and watch them change the world for me. As for motherhood, I hope and pray that my children get to have more teachers who are selfless enough to make them learn lessons in life. Not just lessons for grades, not for reports, not for researches.



A System Gone Haywire

The reason an educator is in the profession of teaching is to educate and empower. Sadly, the quality of education is deteriorating because teachers are nowadays fixated on innovating just for the sake of promotion, and showing off. Lately, students have been overheard muttering, “Action research yan ni maam” and “Wait pipicturan pa tayo for documentation.” This, to a real teacher, is heartbreaking.

To this, I apologize to the students.

Sorry. For the teachers who are driven to create portfolios, documentations, and reports.

Sorry. For the teachers who leave you on self-learning “innovations” so they can finish whatever they need to level up, so to speak.

But I also assure you, there are still those who look beyond the grades, outputs and portfolios. There are teachers who think of ways to improve the learning system, not for their selves, but for YOU.

Teachers, wouldn’t you want to be the one who will be remembered as “yan yung teacher ko na nakapagpaappreciate sa akin ng (insert subject), kahit pa anong hirap.” You are not what the students need to remember. These are the knowledge you share, the lessons you imbibe, the values you impart.

Zarzuela Day

Today, my three Philite classes presented their Zarzuelas. Here are some of the most memorable lines: 


“Magmamahal ba sya ng pangalawa kung mahal nya yung una?” (Mary Joy)

“Ipis nga napapatay ko, ikaw pa?” (Krylle)

“Kung hawak mo ang kamay ko sa kanan, at kamay ni Edz sa kaliwa, at biglang napuwing ka, aling kamay ang bibitawan mo?” (Elaine)

“Kasalan na po ba?” (Ortiz)

“Sa bawat desisyon, hindi pwedeng lahat ay masaya.” (Mariel)

“Ay nahulog ang plastik spoon! Naku, plastik din ang dadating. Tsk tsk.” (KC)

The best one ever…



bakit niya kaya iniiyakan

nasasaktan na sya lagi

na dedepress pa

d lng nya pinansin

d lng nya na replayan mga text nya

heto sya nag “violent-reaction”

sobrang bigat ng kalooban

may friendship naman silang nabuo

ay ewan ko sa kanila…mga engot!

kung mag mga frienship talaga ba sila

hirap silang intindihin eh!..

kung ngayon bait bait nya sa kanya

bukas kabaliktaran

pag kahapon sweet-sweet nya sa kanya

ngayon parang ”ICE na very COLD”

Anong ugali un?

MOODY ba un?

d mo sya masisi….sa pag emote

nakakaiyak naman tlaga Db?

haiz! pero malaking katanungan parin

Baka OBSESSED sa kanya….amp!

Or baka BALIW sa kanya…. bwahahahaha!

kainis Db! … or baka nasa internet ang sagot..


sa WOW….

sa TOB….

sa DOTA….

or Baka sa SF….

magpost na lng kaya sa FACEBOOK ng karumaldumal na shout out!…

kaya’y mang PK na lowbie sa West suburb…at kaladkarin gang umiyak!…


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sa mga Tantra pt-mates ko na addict like me :))

Sobrang bungkal mode ito hahaha… Grabe love this blog! 🙂 HERE GOES….


wala lang ako magawa…. tribute ko 2 sa mga naging ka-close ko nung panahong abot langit ang pagaadict mode ko.

sila yung kasa-kasama ko from one run to another…


xXxSaYoNaChIxXx-may masasabi ba ako eh ako din pilot nyan?! pero eto lang, basta pilot ko 2, sure na magiging killer yan ….. ahahah i love you daddy…


Cleone-fellow Uragon, pero nung start plng ng addict mode, d pa ako uragon. tahimik, walang reklamo. Kahit pa 8 hours magintay sa tabi ng PL, w8 lang xa. Kahit nasa kabilang barangay na, nattxt ko pa pag nde nagalaw char nya. hehehe… dami ko na banana trees sa farm ville gwa nya. heheheh


heinzharvey-Uragon din. ang karamay ko sa pagaaddict, kasi nagoonline sa gabi hanggang umaga. hari ng Dc nung time na yun.


boru-isa pang tahimik.mahinahon palagi (kasi AFK) hehehe… malimit ma late sa pagpapaadd sa umaga. haha


YrammadeHunter-soxal 2, kahit nasa work, pwede ko i-text pag tinotopak na character nya. o ha. san ka pa


Saitan-may kakulitan din minsan minsan, lalo na pag la pasok, nde na kasi xa afk nun. hehehehe


archerdakSS-plg may dual, makulit… akala mo afk pero isang tawag mo lang ng ate dakss sasagot na yan. ahaha… mahilig din sa pinoy henyo ahaha… maaasahan din sa pag-palit sa pwesto ng PL. hnd pa masigurado kng sino mas mainitin ulo-xa o ako. pero palagi din yan killer ahahaha


MiminG55 (o 85?)-sorry miming nalimutan ko yung number. heheh. palagi din late sa umaga. pero in fairness, xa yung plg swerte sa mga waiting. biglang may mga naddc or unexpectedly aalis.


deathHunter2-eto, very predictable ang time. basta around 8 dadating na yan, then 10pm out na yan. ang kahalili ko sa pag PL. kahit nasa mall na ako, text ako nyan pag may nangyari. hahah. kaming 2 yung plg mo madidinig magsabi ng “DURABILITY CHECK, KP CHECK, ARROW CHECK PLS” ahahaha….


woulvarene-basta 7am dpt naka pwesto na ang char nyan sa pt. kasi kng nde, maghapon na yan wala sa pt. gabi na mapapa add, or pag malas, waiting. xa yung palagi namin kasama sa CBW, from amara 40-50 (estimate) xa kasma namin palvl.

Sila yung tlgang kasma namin palagi. As in PALAGI. tlgang everyday yan. may ilan jan kasama namin from maintenance to maintenance. Banggitin ko na din yung iba na graduate na:


Nervaliciousss-my favorite cookie. hahaha. idol ko sa pag-PL. sa kanya tlga ako natuto. Kwawa lang malimit kasi kahit nde afk yung iba, nde nasagot kahit minsan 3 days na xa wla matinong tulog. Super friend tlga yan. Maaasahan ko mapaghingahan ng sama ng loob. For sure mapapatawa ako nyan pag malungkot ako.


Daksha-mahigpit yan. hahaha jan naman ako natuto magmatigas pag may hnd nagalaw sa pt. Tinuruan nya ako wag matakot pag nagpapalipad ng hindi ma re add. hahaha


sina bhelatram at flamemaster-nde maxado nanakasama eh, sayang.


Meron pa ba? Kung meron pa, pabanggit nalang. hahah


eto ang result ng wlang magawa.



miss ko na kasi pt namin.


lahat afk kasi halos lahat working.


may camaraderie na eh.


alam na namin ugali ng isa’t isa.


tumatagal kami ng almost 4 hours tahimik, kasi alam na namin gagawin.


sobra nakakamiss na yung times na sobrang saya namin pag nagising na pt.


kahit nga nung nag K5, sama sama kami sa paroksya/naga na na stuck. kahit nde kami napunta dun, stuck pa din yung

ilan sa amin na na bug. ahaha. walang iwanan tlga.


sa pt na yan, naging worthwhile ang addict mode.



PS (Dagdag ko lang today…may 31, 2011)

Naalala ko once, na stuck char ko e nagpapa-relax ako… Pande-tawag naman at text ako sa salon ai! :)))kurenai1 kurenai2

Here is one of the few pieces done by a friend, and is always appreciated


naka upo sa ilalim ng pine habang hit hit ang isang stik na marlboro

lumilipad ang imhinasyon sa bawat boga ng usok mula marlboro

nang biglang may tumawag saking pansin…

binalik ang aking kaisipan sa realidad…”WAT DA PAK”

isang freshman naka upo saking tabi

SHOOOOO! WAK KA D2!… may ask lng ako po ako syo..

pabulong.. “IS IT HARD BEING A SENIOR?”..

amp! naman ininglish pa ako ..nose bleed bigla!….

Ngumiti ako.. bakit kayong mga freshmen ganyan lagi ask nyo…

(sabagay minsan natanong ko na rin yan eh)… Sabay hithit sa yosi na animoy sasabog na ang baga..sabay tingin sa asul na kalangitan…POTHA! napaka asul ah…

Oo mahirap…wala naman madali na kors eh…kumain nga ng bolalo kina aling Meding mahirap eh..minsan makunat…

sipag, tyaga, at pasenya need mo d2 ading ko..pagpapaliwanag ko sa kanyan…

Ah! okay sagot nya…she then walk away and joined her companions..

at ako namany bumalik sa…

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