24 hours

i have always loved playing online games. but disappointments lured me towards other things that i have neglected for so long.

losing friends was becoming a fad… day after day, friends showed their real colors. their hidden horns, their underground motives. and i have lost hope to find the true friends in them, the way i’ve been true to them

unknowingly, i ventured upon the unknown. i was just having some laughs.

and i loved it.

is this the key to lock the door where i experience mourning, anguish and frustration?

is this the lock that will keep me from going back into a place where i have lost my self-esteem?

is it the abyss which will stand between me and this place i now see as worthless?

it is time to see and wait

for another

24 hours.

am i to let go

starting anew

It has been  years since I have tried to stop and think. So, this is just the beginning of a new me. I have always said: “I wish I could go back and be the ME I was a few years back” but, I now realized that wishing for that kind of thing is just futile. Now, knowing what I have set as a goal, it’s time to start anew.