A System Gone Haywire

The reason an educator is in the profession of teaching is to educate and empower. Sadly, the quality of education is deteriorating because teachers are nowadays fixated on innovating just for the sake of promotion, and showing off. Lately, students have been overheard muttering, “Action research yan ni maam” and “Wait pipicturan pa tayo for documentation.” This, to a real teacher, is heartbreaking.

To this, I apologize to the students.

Sorry. For the teachers who are driven to create portfolios, documentations, and reports.

Sorry. For the teachers who leave you on self-learning “innovations” so they can finish whatever they need to level up, so to speak.

But I also assure you, there are still those who look beyond the grades, outputs and portfolios. There are teachers who think of ways to improve the learning system, not for their selves, but for YOU.

Teachers, wouldn’t you want to be the one who will be remembered as “yan yung teacher ko na nakapagpaappreciate sa akin ng (insert subject), kahit pa anong hirap.” You are not what the students need to remember. These are the knowledge you share, the lessons you imbibe, the values you impart.


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